(Seaweed extract), oil and medicinal plants and natural aromatic 100% - general nutrient of the plant and increases the root and vegetative total and increase the flowering and contract and is used as a preventive against insect infestation, especially insects Insect absorbent insects and squamous wings as well as disease and viral infection, where increases the tolerance of the plant injury Features     


Natural, non-harmful natural, human and plant-friendly compound

Safe and organic alternative used in integrated control programs for organic agriculture

There is no grace period after treatment with the compound and there is no period of prohibition of Phi = 0

Repeated use leads to increased natural and biological enemies, reducing the use of chemical pesticides

There is no harm from repeated treatment of the compound and does not have negative effects when a mistake in application

Ensure access to safe, healthy organic products free from residues of toxic and polluting pesticides

Used in organic and clean agriculture and export crops with high economic returns

Benefits of compound

General nutrient of the plant increases the growth and spread of the root total balanced with vegetative growth and increased flowering and contract

Provides external and internal protection of the plant against insect infestation and attacking insect-absorbing insects such as manna, trops, whitefly and squid insects. It increases plant tolerance to viral infection, attacks bacteria and methyllium, and prevents it from growing and developing because it contains natural phenols

Contains alcoholic sugars and carbohydrates at a high rate to help increase growth and tolerance of plant environmental stress and increase the absorption of roots and facilitate the nutrients in the soil

Contains mannitol, which acts as a diffuser and adhesive and wet on the leaves and increases the stability of spray solution on the leaves

Contains natural growth hormones (Cytokinein, Oxyin and Gibrillin) which act as a unit to increase growth and activate cell fragmentation and elongation and promote flowering and contract and prevent flowering

Rates of use

Add in the early stages of the plant life in the soil with a 1-1.5 liter / fed and repeat every two weeks as needed

Add in the stages of vegetative and fruit growth

With soil at 1.5-2.5 liters per feddan

Spraying paper at a rate of 1 liter / acre

the Ingredients

Element The focus

carbohydrate 11-19%

Amino acids 0.2-1%

Jibrilins 900-1000 PMM

Oxygen 20-30 PMM

Cytokines 100-110 PMM

Chitosan 6-8%

    • Contains high percentage of mannitol zalogenic acid, vitamins and alcoholic sugars

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